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Ravpower 120W 18V Solar Charger for only $91.99 + Free shipping is having a sale on the Ravpower 120W 18V Solar Charger for $209.99 - $118 off with promotion Code: ONLY35 = $91.99. Shipping is free on this item.

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Features & Details:

  • Benefit from an efficiency as high as 20% means more sunlight is used to quickly power your devices up to 120W 18V, whereas other panels on the market is below 15%
  • Advanced “Hot-Pressing Method” offers a waterproof design that allows you to take it to the beach and leave it in the rain without any bubbles forming on the surface
  • Compact and rugged 120W solar panel weighs a mere 6. 6 lbs. and is easy to carry when hiking, camping, or spending time outdoors
  • Curve the flexible thin plastic sheets to 30 Degree and mount onto an RV, boats, trailers, cabins, tents, or any irregular surfaces easily

What You Get: the fan-favorite 18-month + 12 months extra (on registration), RAV Power 120W Solar Panel, and User Guide

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